At Ouareau, campers are divided into three sections by age. Campers sleep in cabins and eat at tables with girls who are within a year or two of their age.  Each section has a manager, called the Unit Head.  The Unit Head oversees programs and special events for her unit, makes sure she knows every camper in her section, and communicates with parents.

Tents and cabins are geographically clustered by unit; that way, campers live close to other girls their age.  Once or twice a week, each unit group does a separate program or activity for the evening, which allows for age-specific programs, lets each unit spend time together, and gives the campers a chance to bond with other girls their own age.

Dekopis are in grades 2 to 5 (must be 8 years old by December 31st).

Dekopi cabin or tent groups consist of four girls within a year of each other in age. Dekopi girls are full of energy and enthusiasm for their camp experience, and our programs for them reflect that.

Ouareau’s program of language and cultural immersion is all about creating connections, and at this age, girls are all about finding friends through shared activity — so Dekopi Counsellors create those opportunities! Whether it’s a game of tetherball between two friends, building a fort with their co-cabin group and having a party, or spending an evening playing a camp-wide running game, dressed as superheroes being chased by the evil monster CITs, Dekopis always have an outlet for their energy and imagination.

Chipkas are in grades 6 to 7 (must be 12 years old by December 31st).

The Chipka program incorporates the challenges of activities and camp-wide games, as well as leisure time to promote independence. Chipka-aged girls put a lot of energy into their social life with peers and staff, so Chipka Counsellors are prepared to encourage positive friendships and interactions with peers, as well as keeping themselves available as mentors, role-models, and “older sister” figures.

These campers tend to take an active role in their camp life, whether it’s aspiring to expertise in one of our camp activities, or having a say in what their group does for a co-cabin evening program. Chipka unit nights tend to be energetic, challenging, and above all, fun!

Seniors are in grades 8 to 10 (must be 14 years old by December 31st).

The Senior program is camp- and leadership-focused, and encourages their growth and development as young women. Senior campers not only leave with a full camp experience, they also get an introduction to leadership, teamwork, and self-reflection.

Each week, our Senior Unit Head and Assistant director will facilitate workshops and discussions with the entire unit, giving the campers an opportunity to share their stories and voice their opinions on a predetermined topic of conversation.

Leadership Program for Senior Seniors - NEW FOR 2014!

We are excited to announce that our Senior Unit Head (Anika Roberts-Stahlbrand) is working with Gabz to prepare and develop a new leadership program to be offered to our 15 & 16 year old campers. The goal is to help girls begin thinking about who they are, how they see themselves in the broader community, and all the different ways they can be leaders.

This is Anika’s second year on Ouareau’s Leadership Team as Senior Unit Head, and 12th year at camp. She has experience in leadership training both through camp, through student governance at her university, and from taking multiple courses on leadership for environmental sustainability. Anika believes in being an engaged citizen and giving back to her community in any way she can — big or small — and is looking forward to the development of this program as part of her contribution to the Ouareau community.

Gabrielle has contributed to leadership and team-building programs with the Quebec Camping Association, the International Camping Fellowship, and in other industries outside of camping. She has used her experiences at Ouareau over the past decade to help develop these programs. Gabz believes that girls’ engagement in their communities is important to their self-discovery and personal development, and that leadership can be expressed in many ways to fit any personality.

The five-day junior camp program gives 6 and 7 year olds the opportunity to try out summer camp.

Each Junior camp session has two counsellors and up to 4 campers. This is a specialized program for campers to try out most of the activities at camp, and also includes specialty programs like a cookout on Blueberry Island, and a “Scavenger Hike” up Lookout Mountain! This group stays together throughout the day and one of their counsellors sleeps in their cabin at night.


Age Groups: 3 units, 3 experiences